New Package That Manipulates Udev

I want to build a derivation that makes udev changes. Is there something additional I need to consider in such a case? Does it involve:


(BTW, the package in question is midisport-firmware.)

I had a look and the consensus seems to be to add udev rules to $out/lib/udev/rules.d/ and then add the package to services.udev.packages = [ my-package ]; either directly in configuration.nix or through a module. Below is a couple of example packages that do this.

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Thanks very much!

Let me chew on that a bit and try it. I’ll report my results back here.

OK, I haven’t had a chance to try this yet because there’s also a firmware component that must be built. The package depends up fxload, which is available. I just need to get a better understanding about how that works in a NixOS context.

Was there ever a solution to this? I’d like to use my m-audio uno interface under nixos.

Yes, see the solution above: New Package That Manipulates Udev - #2 by Shou

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ah. I don’t really understand how to apply that to making midisport-firmware available in nixos. I was hoping for a nixos setting perhaps. I’ll have to circle back to this when I have time to delve into what udev is and so forth.

You are probably better off opening a new thread than necrobumping a solved one, then.