Newbie Corner/Introduce Yourself?

First of all, I am a distro hopper when I have time. The first place that I go to when I enter a new Linux forum is the introduce yourself/newbie corner. I have noticed that this particular site doesn’t seem to have one. It’s hard to say hi when you prefer to figure out things yourself.

That being said, I am enjoying the technical quality of the forums. There are a lot of good questions and answers here. I will be reading the forums a lot!. :smiley:

Anyway, I am looking for proper themes for KDE, SDDM, plymouth, and maybe the terminal that show off the distribution’s logo. It’s just kinda my thing. Is there a recommended/official set?


I used to be a distro hopper in the past too, but then I found out I’m lacking time to switch distros and would prefer an operating system that is both bleeding edge (for some definition of “bleeding”) and quickly able to rollback changes. So that’s how I settled on Nix.

You can read a longer history on my blog at Why NixOS is the perfect OS for me ·


I totally had to stop and read your blog. It was a great story! I can totally relate to the journey through all the different distributions. I started in Mandrake Linux like 25 years ago. My longest running distros have been gentoo and arch. I am looking for an immutable bleeding edge distro or something that does rollbacks as I have the tendency of totally bricking my system for a project. This is why I use zfs with snapshots. BTRFs has borked in the past too bad and doesn’t do great in it’s own raids. Support for zfs on most distros is lacking though.

I am rambing… Anyway, I am looking forward to NixOS as it is definitely one of the most interesting and unique distros that I have used.

Still having some issues with Xwayland windows and video games, but switching back to X is pretty easy. :smiley:

Welcome to the forum! An introduction topic could be a fun idea, I’m not sure if there are or aren’t reasons for not having one already. As for myself, I started using Nixos a little over a year ago. The learning curve is pretty steep but one thing I love about it vs other distros is it lets me choose when to use my time for tinkering with my system. It takes more time to set things up vs mutable distros but once it’s done I don’t have to worry about things breaking unexpectedly*. It’s also nice to have a distro I can still tinker with when I have free time but don’t need to tinker with when I don’t.

* with a few exceptions:

  • KDE breaks sometimes because it keeps a lot of state in home.
  • containerized packages like docker and flatpak do their own thing, and can break sometimes (but no more than they do for other distros)

I think we should totally start an introduction forum. It could also include the the introduction of the guidelines about posting on discourse as well.

I don’t think I could ever stop using KDE! I love to customize it too much. The plasma desktop also has drm leasing for VR headsets and is going to have HDR next year with plasma 6. I am totally stoked for that!!

You don’t need to stop using it! I use it too for VR. And most of the time KDE works great. It just occasionally gets upset when the paths to widgets or executables in .desktop files change. It’s usually something that can be fixed with a little bit of digging. It’s just an exception to my general experience of things only breaking on my terms (I.e. when I change my config) with Nixos.

Thank you!

I should probably write a follow-up on how I feel after using NixOS for a full year, but I need to find time.