Nextcloud logging is forcibly configured to syslog

I have successfully installed Nextcloud, albeit with some issues. However, there are no logs being generated. It seems that this is because nixos’s Nextcloud package automatically configures the logging to go through syslog, even though logging normally happens through systemd. See here. Is this normal, or have I stumbled on a bug in the package configuration.

looks like something that could be made into a module option

I just came across this. Has there been any progress so far? I didn’t find an issue on Nixpkgs. I also realized that phpfpm has error_log = syslog set. Should this also be changed?

To be honest, I cannot even find the logs…

EDIT: Sorry, I just found update nextcloud.nix to change log type by nivadis · Pull Request #141018 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub so some work has been done!