Nextcloud PHP FFI extension for Storj App

Hi, I am trying to get the Storj app working on Nextcloud, and it requires that the PHP extension FFI is enabled. This doesn’t seem to be an option in the Nextcloud service documentation, and I’m pretty new to NixOS, so I’m struggling to figure out how to add it.

The docs for Storj state that I should have the following in my php.ini:


So I have added php82Extensions.ffi to my packages and added this to my services.nextcloud section:

phpOptions = {
  extension = "ffi";
  "ffi.enable" = "true";

But the Storj app refuses to install, with the message "This app cannot be installed because the following dependencies are not fulfilled: The library FFI is not available. "

Can anyone advise how I should do this please?

I have managed to set primary storage to a Linode S3 bucket using these configs: NixOS Search
I will try and get Storj working via this method instead of the extension. It seems a better method in general anyway.