Nix-Auto-Changelog: A new flake for generating changelogs


I just created a new flake for my own needs and I think it might be useful for some other people as well.

This flake provides run auto-changelog, a NodeJS tool for generating a changelog from git tags and commit history.

The idea behind this tool is to have an up-and-running tool to generate a changelog using Nix.

Find the project here: and feel free to let me know if it might be useful for you. Feel free to also contribute if you feel that something can be improved.

Enjoy !

I really really dislike the direction changelogs are going by being fully auto generated from the git log.
Such changelogs don’t add any value, contain a lot of noise like dependency bumps or small refactors which are of no interest to end users and don’t highlight important information like breaking changes or new functionality. This overhaul makes it harder especially for package maintainers and I just stopped reading those changelogs all together.


Thanks for your feedback Sandro. I use changelogs in my projects, perhaps it will change one day.

I haven’t really run into this issue much. With conventional commits, I can filter out refactor, test, etc., and only capture feature/fix commits. I also know these two commit types will be in the changelog, so I always ensure the messaging is helpful to end-users.

There is still a quality hit for sure, but the above approach has never produced anything I don’t think is not worth reading.

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