Nix centric podcasts

I’ve already found about NixConf and have most of the videos available downloaded to my mobile to watch them during daily commute. Though I also have my time at the office when I need to pull my headphones to signal “DnD” mode. I prefer to listen to podcasts during this timespan rather than music.

Though my current list of podcasts is close to beeing exhausted and new episodes aren’t released frequent enough to cover those times.

So I thought that adding some nix related podcasts to my list. Though in my podcast players catalog, there is nothing related to nix, only some that have the word “nix” in title as a word for “nothing”.

So is there some podcast that you can suggest to me?


I don’t think there are any of those yet, but there is a good number of very intresting blogs and rss feeds that you can subscribe to
These two I believe are the most popular ones:

You’ll find that plenty of developpers talk about Nix in their Blogs but I don’t think nix would exactly be the best subject for a podcast. But hey, maybe you can be the first one to pull that off :slight_smile:


Even though it’s hard to consume blog posts during office hours (at least those unrelated to the business) I’ll add them to my aggregator. I’m pretty sure I’ll find some time to read them.

PS: and even though I really like the idea to host my own podcast, I don’t have the time to do so. And even if I had, as I do not have a dedicated PC room, my kids probably had more to say in that podcast than me :slight_smile:

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Just recently I started recording the podcast. We’re 2 episodes in and I’m enjoying the work so far.

Cool, let me know if you need guests!