Nix meetup Dresden, Germany


we are currently planing a casual Nix meetup in Dresden. I know that there are several companies in Dresden that are using Nix. Also Nix is very popular among people in the C3D2 hackerspace. Let me know if you would be interested in this meetup so we can keep you in the loop.



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I’d also be interested.

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I’d be potentially interested.

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I’m interested. Let us know!

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if it gets to be a more regular thing, or you just want to add as irregular , then please make PR to the nix user groups

It’s happening. We are meeting:

26.01.2022 18:00 @ Zapfanstalt
Sebnitzer Str.15, 01099 Dresden

Got table reservation for 10 people but I expect more to show up spontaneously (I talked to a lot of people outside of discourse). Feel free to bring your colleagues/friends/wifes/husbands/dogs/cats and anyone who might be interested in Nix.

Looking forward to this. Let me know if you can not come or have any questions.


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An entry in our calendar appeared <<</>> Chaos Computer Club Dresden | c3d2Kalender

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Friendly reminder: We are meeting tomorrow 18:00 @ Zapfanstalt.

I just realized that I’ve got a conflict in my schedule, won’t be there. Anyways, have fun!

The next meet up will happen on 23. February at 18:00 in the rooms of the C3D2.

If you are visiting the first time, you might find the directions on our website helpful.

Hosted by Flying Circus.