Nix Os Awesome - wrong fs type

Guys , I recently installed NyxOs in old chromebook it have terminated chrome ox support and its flying even with Plasma, all drivers worked for live iso, no needed to install nothing. But I have this problem, in live desktop I plugged my SD card , cause this chromebook had 36gb emmc, I have 128GB SD card as external storage most for music, as said in live worked but after installed is giving wrong fs type, but it still recognizable in other pc with I have Fedora and Windows 7, what to do, I `m recently installed nyx package manager to use in OSX and Win .


What file system it is? For NTFS, you will need to add the following to your NixOS configuration and rebuild your system:

  boot.supportedFilesystems = [ "ntfs" ];

or exfat for exFAT. But I assume the former since exfat does not appear to be enabled in the live ISO:

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Thanks very much, now back to working.