Nix(OS) in practice!

It might be only me but I would like to see some more examples where Nix(OS) is used in practice, which could provide some insights in what is possible. I feel that this is missing here in discourse, where much of the posts are about the internals of packages.
One has to search on the www to find stuff but I think it would benefit us if we could get the info centralized to spark more interest.
What do others think?


I think this is A FANTASTIC idea! Personally, I learn better from example first, then supplementing that with theoretical understanding.

That is to say, under the Divio model of documentation (, we have lots of good Reference material (the manuals), some excellent Explanation material (the Nix Pills series), but I would absolutely love to have more Tutorial and How-to stuff gathered in one place.



I almost never read Disourse (your subject caugrht my eye).

However I do read every post on

I expect you’ll find articles of the nature you’re seeking there.

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Thanks for mentioning planet; I keep forgetting it exists.

There’s with content from people reporting things they do with NixOS.

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Thanks for mentioning this! I completely forgot about NixOS planet. I still have the ambition to blog more about NixOS. I wrote something a year ago (when Dropbox stopped supporting filesystems other than ext4, the reverted that position) about how to use Dropbox on NixOS while faking ext4 on ZFS.

I think one of the reasons I don’t really follow planet (though I could use RSS) is that posts are quite infrequent. How open is NixOS Planet to adding more blogs, even if it is from intermediate Nix/NixOS users?

Edit: I guess for planet it is also a bit inconvenient to have full blog posts rather than a blurb with click-through. You have to scroll quite a bit and recognize the headers to see what has been posted recently.

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Thank you for mentioning the Divio model, been reading the docs and watched a interesting video.
People have different learning styles so I agree that learning by example is one of them.
So perhaps there could be a “NixOS tutorial on demand” where one could ask for a topic the be explained. That would mean someone is willing to spend the time making the asked for tutorial.
Following a tutorial and afterwards doing the same thing one can have succes which is the best outcome to have.
Learning by trial and error can also lead to succes but depends on how hard things are to learn and not to take big steps. And NixOS doesn’t belong to the easy category.

I am also glad you mentioned, I knew the side existed but forgot about it.
So there sure is much info to be found out there but it is too much scattered around.

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I think I saw garbas comment somewhere actively encouraging users to add their nixos tag to planet