Nix shell 3? garbagecollection, dotfiles, duiplicates


  1. Gc - I noticed that a nix shells are garbage collected on the next run. Can I prevent this by manually creating some sort of link to gcroot? How?

2 Dotfiles - Example
nix shell nixpkgs#jetbrains.pycharm-community nixpkgs#python311 nixpkgs#poetry
What is the point of having pycharm in the shell if it is fighting with other
installed pycharms over a single dotfile?

  1. Duplicates
    What if a colleague wants to have the identical python shell above for his
    development environment?

Hope I haven’t missed any answers elsewhere.


  1. Look into Lorri or nix-direnv
  2. IIUC, Pycharm currently does not have a way to integrate with nix-shell, so current stop-gap measure is to launch Pycharm from within a shell, so it inherits all the packages from Python and other langs you want. Here nix-shell provides a better more robust alternative to virtualenv et al.
  3. You share the shell.nix or flake.nix that has description for nix shell environment.


Will look into lorri.


I don’t think lorri will support flakes any time soon though.

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