Nix-store --optimise does not work


command #nix-store --optimise result in error
error: getting attributes of path '/nix/store/0199q6qpiq99ci639r7nzjcnpnd3av8f-python3.8-wheel-0.33.6.drv': No such file or directory

I have tried to install wheel manually with no result.
Nixos version 21.05

Looks like your store is corrupted! nix won’t re-install the package using normal commands, because as far as it can tell the package already exists (except all the files in it are missing, but it doesn’t know that until it tries to optimize).

Usually this happens because you tried to use fancy commands to fix something by force, or bugs.

nix-store --verify --check-contents --repair should re-download any broken things.

You may be able to skip the --check-contents, too.

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It really did, problem solved

It seems that damage of some fancy commands was undone by another fancy command :slight_smile: