Nix-this, nix-that, nix-what?

A repetitive failure to quickly google-select the nix-lang standard lib reference prompted me again to a perception I had when I was browsing the page first time a little over a year ago, long before actually getting involved. This is what more or less was going on in my head at that time:

nix-this nix-that nix-what? — the contrary of a sharp profile, no distinct search term representation of the involved concepts. It ultimately only left a bookmark in my head at that time for sounding experty and convoluted, but interesting.

I think I’m not the only one.

So to separate things a little better and sharpen their profile, it might help to plug relevant contextual information under their own pages:

  • → NixOS module system (based on systemd and own device mgt).
  • → the nix package manager, command and useful introduction to some pkgs collections (NixOS/nixpkgs, but also others, … flakes!) — maybe even
  • → in the style of — short and concise

On the same page of this year’s NixCon talks:

Note: No, I don’t consider it’s a relevant argument that NixOS/nixpkgs is a monorepo.


And here we go. Better than nix-lang :wink:

I had a stab at an answer, here:

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