Nix Tip [progress thread]


I am working on Nix Tip, a system that will recommend changes to a nix-based configuration, using recommendation files written in Nix, that will be able to be generated by analyzing a collection of configs.

Currently, it can work with only home-manager configurations.

The current goals are:

  1. Add support for NixOS configuration options :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Come up with more example recommendation files
  3. Improve the CLI usability (as well as maybe some automation features)

If you are willing to help out on this project, that would be great.


Would it help if Nixpkgs modules would declare their dependencies towards other modules? I am thinking here also about the open issue regarding not importing by default all modules to save evaluation time.

Maybe when I started working on the part that automatically made nix recommendation files. But for now, they are done by hand.

The system now works with NixOS configurations as well.

It can now generate tips from a list of sources, using the learn command. If you have a configuration you would like to include in the base, or thoughts on the system, please share.

At this moment, I am looking for feedback on the usage and documentation. As well as working configurations to use with the nix-learn command.