NixCon 2019: In Brno, Czech Republic

Yes, there will be price which will not contain hotel or any public transport ticket for locals - this ticket will cost about 60 EUR for 1 day of NixCon.


Do you plan any discounts or free entry for university/school students?

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I would love to join the NixCon again this year.
Here is a thought, which took some time to formulate.

I (and others) would like to propose another structure.
In short 2 days hacking/socializing and 1 day talks.

We are a small community, and as long that is the case,
I think discussions work much better for sharing knowledge
and bootstrap projects.
Talks are a very good thing for larger communities,
where you want to reach a lot of people at once,
e.g. via stream.
I still see talks as an important part of the
NixCon, but I would love to see
the Topics more concentrated on
“important” things, like.

  • what are the future problems we face?
  • what are the current problems we face?

To name my least favorite type of Talks (in general) are
“Success/Failure stories”.

I also think that this strucuture of the NixCon
would fit better, because the people who attend to
the NixCon are not interessted in installing and using Nix/NixOS,
they most likely already have installed it.
I would even state that the majority of visitors
are very active members of the Nix community.
So instead of preaching to the choir,
lets use the NixCon to
get in touch with other members and
focus on the future.

(Sorry this is so late, I had the text for 2 month now, but forgot to post it here, if I’m to late, mabye theses thoughts can be taken into account for the next NixCon)


I think traditional talks have the benefit that it’s easier for new people/companies so show up, and be part of the community. And (at least in London, 2018) the talks were generally at a much higher level than “this is how you install NixOS”.

That will certainly also cause a more intimate atmosphere, and I’m pretty sure people who are not

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That’s a lot of money for 3 days…

The way I would attend is by using couchsurfing for accommodation and buying my food at the supermarket ~.~


it’s neccessary to bring to mind that the price for ticket is NOT final. Right now it’s priced almost without any sponsors - that’s why price may seem higher than expected.
And as conference is not tomorrow or next week, we (me, @zimbatm and anyone else who wants to, or already messaged me about) are on way to get more sponsors and get more friendly prices for all of us.

Regarding special prices for students, i think there is usable idea we were thinking about, but i want to ask you here - as Nix community - if it’s good idea.
What about splitting part of sponsor donations into contributors, for example those most active, based on number of commits for example?
So these contributors can be really rewarded for their contribution to NixOS community by free (sponsored) NixCon tickets.
What do you think, guys?

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I’m a bit confused, why even have a price including a hotel? Is there a problem with everyone just booking their own stay in the place they want?

I could see everyone being in the same nearby hotel (though I don’t know what the actual circumstances are) good for socializing. If the place is decent I’m also happy about the decreased logistical load on my brain - however this is still all predicated on whether my wallet can take it.

In any case, I very much look forward to the prices decreasing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Regarding special prices for students, i think there is usable idea we were thinking about, but i want to ask you here - as Nix community - if it’s good idea.

I, a student, would be very much in need of a student ticket. The
availability of that kind of ticket would determine wether I could visit
NixCon (for the first time) or not…

Just had a meeting about the current open topics and the required next steps.

Here are some very rough points of what we talked about and what we are currently working on:

  • Situation of the entity signing all the required paper work / Checking what and if we can relay invoices&payments through the NixOS Foundation.
    • This is biggest blocker for now as we can not tell any sponsors whom to wire money and also not issue invoices.
  • Website has to be brought up to speed. We will try to get something done before the next call in about one week.
  • CFP and tooling, we are thinking about using Pretalx
  • Ticket sale either through a local Czech company or using Pretix. We have to consider the premium / tax vs hosting and/or time it costs us to host it.
  • We want to provide a similar amount again. Last years suppliers worked out well. We will check if there are better alternatives and otherwise default to them.
    • T-Shirt, Mug, Stickers, Bag, …
  • The pricing structure should be explained (better). Many people are confused by having one sum for both the conference and accommodation. We have to come up with an explanation why the prices are combined and what the benefits are. Also have to consider offering Tickets for just the Venue without the hotel room.
  • Video recording, we will have to ask people from last year if they are up to doing it again. If they not we have a few more options that w have to ask for quotes/details/….
  • Power strips and equipment we have to bring.
    • Last year there were no power strips at the venue. This year this might be different. Bringing last years universal power strips might still be a good idea.

Oh, important question! :stuck_out_tongue:
Any preliminary info about when/etc call for papers or talks or such will be?

Is there a website up already that shows what sponsor options there are available?

Apparently there is now a website at

Hey guys,
for those, interested in more information about conference itself, we launched website ( and CfP will follow soon, but before that, we need to figure one important thing.
We are going through hard part of deciding how will be this whole action covered - all previous ideas are not useable (not enough time for making own czech organization, opencollective is not responding…) and we are running out of time.
Regarding this and few other things, i would like to make Hangout about next week, and invite everyone interested here, to join.
Lets say, Monday 17 UTC, does that fit into your schedules?
Those really interested, please dont forget to join #nixcon on Freenode to be in touch with us directly :slight_smile:

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Hey @martyet: As you serve the website over https as well, would you consider simply redirecting the unencrypted URL to the https one? Our marketing guy was just wondering why his browser told him that the site was insecure because he went with the wrong protocol and it’s generally good practice anyways nowadays.


Is there any possibility of ordering stickers or shirts outside of attending the conference?

Just wanna take a moment to say thanks to all the people involved in organizing Nixcon! Thanks @snajpa, @martyet, @adisbladis and @zimbatm! :heart:


Thanks @Infinisil!

I want to share the love with @flokli and @andir who are also doing good work :slight_smile:


For those of us who are not in lovely Brno, will the slides or perhaps talk videos be put online?

Yes there is the NixCon channel on YouTube, a live stream for this weekend and video’s from last years.

Hosted by Flying Circus.