NixCon 2019 ticket presale!

The NixCon ticket presale is about to go live on Monday (15/7) at 18:00 UTC!

Just like last year this year will have two types of tickets: conference & hackday.
Tickets will be available at

There are 160 conference tickets and 80 hackday tickets.

Call for paper reminder
The CfP is still open:

Can’t afford a ticket?
If you cannot afford your ticket please send an email to and describe how much you can pay and shortly describe your financial situation and we may be able to accommodate.

Send an email to or reply to this thread.


The ticket shop is open for business! :nix_parrot:

The form for buying a “Standard Conference Ticket” requires business information and the radio button “Business customer” cannot be unchecked.
Can you please have a look at this?

That should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble.s

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