NixCon 2022 Day 1 - Discussions!

Ask questions, add thoughts and feedback!
All speakers will be responding here, as well as the main channel for lightning talk related Q&A.

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A few questions for @fzakaria:

  1. Does your shrinkwrap tool have any effect on library initialisation order and does that ever cause problems?
  2. Have you looked at attacking similar (possibly worse) issues with other search path-based systems, eg PYTHONPATH? We have pretty bad performance issues with python for similar reasons.

Thanks very much for an interesting talk!


Thank you for the feedback of enjoying the talk.

1 - Shrinkwrap pulls the full transitive set up to the top level which means the ordering of the dependencies is well known and fixed since they must occur in breadth first order. This infact can FIX problems or detect problems. My co-author was using a program that used MPI and noticed that after shrinkwrap it was pulling in the no-op MPI and the real MPI. Depending on the other libraries linked, the order could change and the wrong one was loaded first.
2 - We are definitively interested in that as well and I think a similar approach could be taken. Basically, we should be avoiding all these costly searches since we have such fine grained build information :slight_smile:

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Hey speakers of Day 1 :wave:, could you please share your slides here?
cc @ron @Ericson2314 @minijackson @Arsleust @layus (Weija Wang?) @djacu @jade @markuskowa @fzakaria @edolstra


Here are my slides (with notes):


Here are my slides: Nix in a scientific environment


Slides for “Debugging closure size graphically”: reveal.js


Talking about Nix with friends (link)

Sorry for the delay :pray:

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