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Please feel free to add presentation slides, pictures, blogs or other content to nixcon/Paris2022Content: A collection of all the content from NixCon Paris 2022 (

Thank you to @kip93 for helping set it up :slight_smile:


Can speed talk slides be shared as links or uploaded pdfs? =D

I’m personally interested in all of them!


To take my question further…

We talk about purity a lot here on a technical level. However seeing corporate take overs in the past of large open source projects, who primary specialize in closed source products… strip mining of open source software ecosystems.

am i right to be cautious, or is everything going to be ok? How do we keep the nix ecosystem pure. I think it’s actually impossible.

Let me put in a non technical way,

Imagine your favorite band, you dig their records, however the record company (their pay masters) say they need to make a completely different kind of music. They do, the record flops and the band spits up with a bad taste in their mouths. The fans are distraught… how could my favorite band be told what to play…??? How could i let this happen?

So, hopefully Nix can retain artistic control of the the ‘product’. I strongly believe nix is a work of Computer Science Art.

Having worked for most the big boys, i know all their business practices in the market (or as they refer to ‘the battlefield’. ) , and bless em, they have infinite profit to make and mouths to feed. However , they very little concept of playing fair on the cricket pitch. I pointing the finger at all of them.

I guess this question should of been directed at the board, rather than yourself Ron, but if you want to talk further off line, you know where i am.

I’m about to put a large amount of skin into the game and my reputations on the line… so i need to know that nix is safe from these potentially negative influences to lose Independence and control.

I don’t want to suddenly wake up one morning, and Nix is owned by…say. …this would be a pure nightmare…

Love what your doing , I’m on board, until i have to jump ship and hit the fork button. ;-).

but the only forks i like, are to eat my lunch, (i use chop sticks)


:wave: @ron,

I also have somewhat of a two-fold question in reaction to your talk.
It seems to somewhat relate to what @nixinator expressed here and during the live Q&A.

1st fold:
Your presentation was mostly about the how, but I didn’t hear anything explicit about the why.
@edolstra said yesterday that Nix was originally a “vehicle to write research papers”. Now, it is a tool with many uses, but there seems to be a recent push to “start milking it”: as a tool that helps businesses deliver value a.k.a. make money. Personnally, I don’t see anything wrong with making businesses sustainable (but I do see a difference between sustainable and profitable).
IMHO, it is very important that we all acknowledge that there are multiple *visions* cohabiting in the Nix community, and that it is okay.
In that regard, I believe it is important to clarify why, you push for the actions you presented.

2nd fold:
Sorry I’m not gonna accuratly quote you here, but we heard you talk about “success” several times during the conference, for the community (“us be successful”), and for the users (“help them achieve success”).
Could you define what success is for us, from the community perspective? Could you define success for the different kinds of Nix users?

Thank you :bowing_man:


Hey speakers of Day 2 :wave:, could you please share your slides here?
cc @lheckemann @lewo @ron @regnat @mschwaig @korfuri @Ma27 @lucperkins @Cleeyv @tshaynik @tomberek @yvan-sraka @grahamc @kip93 @fricklerhandwerk

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Here’s an article with my lightning talk’s contents and slides: Nixcon Talk: Let's manage secrets the systemd way :: korfuri's website


Hi! Leandro here!
Sorry, didn’t have a discourse account until a few hours ago. Seems I can’t upload the slides directly here. Is there some centralised place where I should put the slides?

You could just upload to Github/somewhere and link? =)

The link to “15 modules” in that page is broken

The slides for my “Revolutionizing my daily development with Nix” lightning talk:


Here are my slides for Reproducibly building artifacts that contain embedded signatures:

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My slides aren’t really in a shareable format (a terrible hack consisting of SVG and js files and stuff). I intend to rehash my talk into a text post (which I’m guessing will be much more useful than the slides alone, which provide very little of the information I actually said, anyway). I’ll link that here once I’ve done that :slight_smile:


The alternative URL is highly fitting :stuck_out_tongue: Good job, and good presentation!

Here are mine for the (nearly) Rootless Nix daemon lightning talk:

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The slide of the “nix2container: faster container image rebuilds” talk: Nextcloud

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Slides for “Strong Nix” talk

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Could we rather have a community space hosting these? I’d feel more comfortable than ephemeral personal storages hosted by known volatile party.


If github is an option (as @x10an14 suggested), why not have a repo under the nix-community group where everyone can put their resources, and possibly allow to link to external blogs or whatever?


Great idea. Created a repo for it here under NixCon, nixcon/Paris2022Content (
Fork it and log a PR with your content attached. If someone wants to create a directory structure, add a copy of the schedule, etc that would be appreciated!

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