Nixers in Costa Rica?

Do we have any nixers in costa rica?

if we can find some, then we can do a informal nix meetup at the end of the week. 30th September

I know @blaggacao is near, perhaps they can connect us.

keep nixing!

Just an idea: You could hide some Nix swag in some places for fellow travelers to find in the future. :slight_smile:

Since LatAm seems to ve sparsly represented in the community, we could kick things off with an informal treasure hunt 🪙

only gpt-3 could come up with a devious plan. what if i’m wrong about nix, what is nix is actually skynet?

if you register nixcaching , its the brand new geocaching.

what would be in the nixcache?

hats, mugs? a complete copy of

on usb stick? is free

i wonder if cachix would sponsor the initial setup.

certainly if i get marsnix up and running, a complete off line version of nix could be really handy ;-).

no i just need some idea of what would be in a physical nixcache …

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