NixFlake doesn't update

Hi there, I’ve been having issues with switching my build with flake. It just stopped working for me and I couldn’t not solve it

Basically running this command does nothing, shows newline and that’s it.

nix-shell -p nixUnstable --command "nix build --experimental-features 'nix-command flakes --show-trace' '.#desktop'"

Any ideas to debug this. Thanks

Is your current nix from nixUnstable or from nixStable? By “does nothing”, did you check perhaps whether a result symlink was created in the directory you ran the command?

My current nix is from nixUnstable, here’s my nix config

No, it doesn’t create that directory any more.

It is fixed now, there was an issue with some package failing to build

If you want to see why a package fails to build, you can use nix build --print-build-logs (or -L) which is not document (see this issue).

I’m also wondering why do you use nix-shell if your nix is supposed to be the nix from nixUnstable - why not use nix build directly?