Hey everyone, I am worldofpeace, one of the release managers for 20.03.
As promised, the most glittered stable release is here: NixOS 20.03 “Markhor” :sparkles:.

NixOS 20.03 Contributors

We had 1014 people contribute to NixOS 20.03 and 21597 contributions.
Thank you soo much, each contribution is valued.

Top 10 ordered by commits

Rank Name Commits
1 Frederik Rietdijk 1573
2 worldofpeace 1273
3 Mario Rodas 1256
4 Maximilian Bosch 720
5 Jan Tojnar 491
6 Jonathan Ringer 477
7 Jörg Thalheim 414
8 Florian Klink 393
9 Will Dietz 373
10 volth 356

Reflections and Closing

Being release manager for 20.03 has been a poignant moment for me in being part of NixOS.
I had my goals that I set out before I was appointed, but I was really surprised how respected I am in the community. My primary goal was “work collaboratively with all participants in the NixOS project and being supportive of their efforts”. I feel I :sparkles: shine best in that dynamic in the project, so this really was perfect for me. I hope releasing NixOS has felt better for those involved.
With the seeds I’ve planted it should continue to bloom this way.

I’d like to thank Samuel Leathers, my co release manager, for his congruent effervescence and guidance; Graham Christensen for his organizational encouragement; and obviously every last person I got to work with. Thanks :v:

In leisure, pause, and experimental grace. worldofpeace.


A huge thank you to everyone involved in this process.

I have deep, deep, gratitude for all the work you have done to reach this


Thank you very much!

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Thank you release managers and everybody in the community for doing this, for free too. i had a series of mishaps in my personal life and then a couple of hdd crashes sent me into depression that whatever productivity tweaks I make would never last and I couldnt code (true story!) Thanks to you guys I’m finally working confidently again…


Yay, thank you very much everyone! Being a small part of NixOS is so much fun.


Thank you for all your work ! I hope you can take a well-deserved break :sunglasses:

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Huge thanks to @worldofpeace my co-release manager, all the people that came together to get this out, especially the go/no-go team. This release could not have been successful without them. They took the brunt of the work. And a thank you to everyone in the NixOS community that helped contribute no matter how big or small a part they played. This is a huge achievement!

Thanks all!!!


Hooray! Just want to say thank you to release managers, contributors infrastructure maintainers, and everyone else involved for the work and time that went into the release!


Great work. I am new here and want to ask where to post bug reports? (and of course how to learn to fix it if it is suitable for beginners).

We’re on GitHub Issues · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.
Here’s how to contribute How to contribute — documentation.


Thanks a lot. I already posted there.