NixOS and Linux (Pro) Audio


This is a thread about using audio software on NixOS.

To use Jack without xruns, add the following to configuration.nix:

  security.pam.loginLimits = [
    { domain = "@audio"; item = "memlock"; type = "-"; value = "unlimited"; }
    { domain = "@audio"; item = "rtprio"; type = "-"; value = "99"; }
    { domain = "@audio"; item = "nofile"; type = "soft"; value = "99999"; }
    { domain = "@audio"; item = "nofile"; type = "hard"; value = "99999"; }

And add yourself to the audio group.


I’ve created a nix file for Carla:

At a standalone app it works great. But when I try to use it as a VST plugin in Helio, it cannot find PyQt5.

How can I fix that problem?


I recommend creating a Python 3 environment, and using that in buildInputs.

pythonEnv = python3.withPackages(ps: with ps; [ pyliblo pyqt5 ])

If there are shebangs in the scripts, then they should be rewritten to the path of the Python in this env.


Thanks! Though instead of PyQt5 problem I have now this: Could not initialize GLX.

Standalone version works as usually.


Maybe you cannot find your opengl libraries? LD_DEBUG=libs <your command> might help. Otherwise strace -f <command> might show if it tries to access some devices or so.


would be great if you could make a PR to have carla upstream.


Nixpkgs PR process is rather slow, so I’m going to make an overlay first.

By the way, this is a nix file for Helio (git):


thanks for the info ! nd packages :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:

btw have you heard of musnix? RT audio in NixOS config ect.


i guess the overlay
could be added to NUR ?
link: Introducing NUR - the Nix User Repostory || Share all your nix expressions!


could be added to NUR ?

If I figure out how to use it, then why not.


I created a nur repository with packages:

Also, there’s an issue for Carla: By the way, removing /run/current-system/sw/lib from LD_LIBRARY_PATH revealed an another issue: Carla cannot find