NixOS audio volume problems on Notebook

I installed Nixos on my Notebook, however, I am having problems with the Audio Volume, how do I fix it?

Can you provide exact notebook brand type etc?

In My Lenovo P53 and HP env 17 and Lenovo P1 sounds works without any issues.

I use below config in my configuration.nix

    pulseaudio = {
      enable = true;
      support32Bit = true;
      package = pkgs.pulseaudioFull;

  sound.enable = true;

  nixpkgs.config = {
    pulseaudio = true;
    allowBroken = true;
    allowUnfree = true; 

Full config for Lenovo P53 you can find

My notebook is Itautec Infoway Note w7430

I already tried this configurations, but it didn’t work. How can i debug it?

Few options to debug
Run in the shell below

Chekh sound kernel module if loaded

lsmod | grep snd

Check dmesg output related to audio

dmesg | grep 'sound\|snd\|audio'

Get more info on audio

aplay -l 

lspci | grep -i audio 

ls -l /dev/snd/

Check alsamixer volume


Check sound

speaker-test -c 2

Try this:

rm -rf .config/pulse && reboot