NixOS Better Together - Job Search/Mentorship/Support

TL;DR - Join our community initiative to help each other with mentorship, support and job search

With the current times continuing to be uncertain and challenging, I can only imagine what folks might be dealing with in general and professionally (job impacts).
We would love to start a general community effort in offering and receiving mentorship and support. Whether it’s a resume review, career advice, a mock interview or just a friendly chat.

For those that are interested to join in supporting/mentoring please comment below with what folks can reach out about and the best way to do so. Even a few minutes of feedback for someone’s resume could make a giant difference :heart:
For those seeking support please do reach out via DM or whatever method is best. You can also comment below if you feel comfortable doing so.

Personally, I’ll be blocking off time every day and time on Fridays for video calls for the next few months so please do reach out!


Great idea! I probably wouldn’t be too helpful reviewing resumes, but I’ve quite a bit of experience running technical interviews, and I’d be happy to run some quick mock ones if anyone wants.


Not sure of how much help I can be on this. But recruiters said my resumes and cover letters were pretty good most of the time. Maybe I could help with that.


Great inititative, @ron .

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