Nixos channel not updating?

good afternoon y’all! oy vey, I’d love to have this fixed before the end of the day. so many projects held up.

I’ve attempted to upgrade to 23.05, but it doesn’t seem to have taken…

 $ nixos-version
22.11.4490.41b86284d3e (Raccoon)

 $ nix-channel --list

 $ sudo nixos-rebuild --upgrade boot
unpacking channels...
building Nix...
building the system configuration...

this is after a lengthy update process seemed to have gone through and I’ve rebooted a couple times now. Any ideas?

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Run nix-channel with sudo to manage the root channels, which are what nixos-rebuild uses

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sudo nixos-rebuild --upgrade will not update the users nixos channel, but only roots


Ugh so simple! Should I still be having a channel as a user for any reason?

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You can, if you want, but do not name it nixos.

The convention is to name it nixpkgs for the user.

Most users though really do not need seperate channels from the system.


thank you so much for help! I’m back up and running!


I feel at this point a warning is warranted. A warning that one has just updated a user channel but called rebuild with root - my guess is rebuild sounds like a root level job but adding channels seems to be something root shouldn’t have to be employed to use but that’s just a guess at user thinking. Before I used flakes I would sometimes have confused late nights not realizing my user channels were pointing elsewhere.


is your concern that I have personally messed up my system by having a user level channel which may conflict with the root level channel? I have since removed that channel and ran update on both user and root, and rebuild on root. Should I be safe?


I think they are just wondering aloud if nixos-rebuild could notice the potential mistake and warn.


Ah that makes much more sense now