Nixos channels - timing fo rbuild / switch - current status

how to interpret the current situation correctly?

I would think, that according to the status (that since a week no build “succeeded”) it would not be the right time to update the channel and try to switch … ?

Hi @igel,

First, our channels have updated, it seems, since your post. :confetti_ball:

Second, if you are asking if it is “safe” to update your channel and rebuild your system, then yes, it is meant to always be safe.

Hydra regularly tried to build certain branches of nixpkgs that map to certain channels. Thus, each channel effectively points at a revision of nixpkgs.

Those channel pointers are only updated when Hydra is able to successfully build and tests certain subsets of packages. Thus, the channel you get should always be “safe”.

If you had tried to update your channel and rebuild when you took this screenshot, you would’ve still gotten a “good” set of nixpkgs, from “8 days ago” when the channel had last advanced.

(If you’re worried about why the channels were stuck for that long, I’m not quite sure. Sometimes the “build problem” or status info box at the top have more information.)

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Thanks for the information
Then I have to continue to find a reason for my issues