NixOS Configuration with Flakes

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Super complex, for what reasons? Two points

  • the first input url seems wrong;
  • from home manager you can access the global configuration with nixosConfig

Hi! This happens to be my blogpost so I’ll explain my reasoning. First off thanks for the feedback! Its my first post so now I know I should make the reasons more clear.

It really isn’t that complex, it is just two functions that generate a home manager flake and a system flake. Then you create a few options that group together well used ones. This user module that I have for using startx & dwm that will allow me to change to a different window manager in the future while reusing code is why I do it this way.

The blog post is really long and honestly makes it seem more complex than it is is because I attempted to write it from the perspective of someone new to Nix. When I was starting with Nix/NixOS a month ago I had issues finding a comprehensive document that explained the code being show and that provided links to more information. There are many posts out there on Nix Flakes and Home Manager but they always have an expectation of a certain level of knowledge.

To your two points, the input url is what I have in my current flake so I don’t see how it is wrong. I must have missed the docs on accessing the global configuration access from home manager. Do you have a link to how to do that?

I am curious how you access the global configuration from home manager? Must have missed it in the documentation.

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