NixOS Experience with laptop and igpu and Nvidia rtx Ada?

I’m thinking about buying a new laptop (Thinkpad P16 gen2)
I want a thinkpad trackpoint and ecc memory which doesn’t give me many options.
I’m using a laptop for ± 10 years, So I prefer to make it beefy.

I would use the igpu for everything: mostly programming and media (terminal, firefox, thunderbird, watching videos, …)
The dgpu I would not use daily because:

  • ? it uses more power?
  • ? it doesn’t work well with SwayWM?
    Does anyone have experience with igpu and dgpu combination? auto scaling/switching, manual switching,…?

In the future I would like to learn more about AI. I would like to use stable diffusion.
I would prefer to run the models on my own hardware so I have control, “privacy”

So I can add a card to my laptop or one to my home server.
NVIDIA® RTX™ 3500 Ada (12 GB GDDR6 VRAM)
Any experience with using the latest gen Nvidia rtx ada on nixOS?

All your feedback is welcome.