NixOS EXWM default config location / contents

I’m trying to find out whats included in the NixOS EXWM default config, so that I have a better starting point to build my own from. I am not sure where else to look besides the package page, and it only gives me a link to this.

Well, you literally found it: nixpkgs/exwm.nix at 47edaa313fc3767ce3026037a5b62352f22f3602 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

This calls the following exwm function, which simply applies the normal default config: exwm/exwm-config.el at e43bd782580fc7f2aa7f5f92da1c5d7c992b6d1c · ch11ng/exwm · GitHub

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Oof. Thank you for the help. I guess I got stuck on the idea that it would be a part of Nix, since it was a service option, and didn’t think that it was built into EXWM.

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