Nixos get together in Groningen?

Dear Nix(OS) users, I would like to ask if there are users among us that would like to get together for an (informal) meetup in Groningen, the Netherlands.
For deepening our understanding about the interiors of Nix and what one can and has done with it so far.
I envision a place where absolute beginners and experienced users alike could find a way in exchanging thoughts, ideas and best practices in using Nix.
Any users here who would like to participate or comment on this endeavor?

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I would be interested. Though, since Nix as a package manager is interesting to a wider audience, it may be worthwhile trying to find some existing Linux user group as well.

Since I have been abroad for 5 years before returning to the Groningen area, I am not really up to speed on what people are organizing.

Since the timing was perhaps not right and with most off the holidays behind us, another try to bring this topic up again.
Thank you Daniel for your reply, lets see if this bump stirs up some more enthousiasme.

I would be interested, and I know of two or three other people that would also be interested.

I am in the north of the Netherlands as well, and have quite some experience with nix, so happy to join if something is organized.

@JorisE and @confususs might also be interested?

NixOS noob checking in, I’d like to be there =]

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@patrickswijgman are you also up for this?

Count me in! I’ve just started using Fedora for professional reasons, NIX only makes more sense now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for joining the conversation, c0deaddict has been busy asking others to join!
Rob would be willing to share his experience which would be great.
I know of someone else who would like to join so that would be seven persons right now.
Might be time to start searching for an location/sponsor, great :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I would also like to be there although I am still a Nix Noob :stuck_out_tongue: