Nixos get together in Groningen?

Yes, that seems wise to do. I’ve cancelled the datumprikker. When this whole COVID-19 stuff is over, let’s pick a new date. Perhaps we can prepare for a whole day event as @JosW suggested? We can probably use my employer’s office in the weekends.

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In the meanwhile, if one would like to add information :wink:
For the Dutch readers, someone mentioned NixOS in a recent topic on Tweakers:
@FRidh did a great job explaining several things already!

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Inmiddels zijn we geruime tijd verder en lijkt het erop dat er weer meer mogelijk is of gaat zijn.
Zullen we nog eens een poging wagen, is er animo voor onderstaande data
Nixos get together Groningen.
of laten we het erbij zitten?
After a while it looks as if there are more things possible, is it an option to try to get another date?
Or will we skip it altogether?

I still think it’s nice to meet up some time. Also ping @c0deaddict .

I’m still up for it! Restrictions are lifting, so this would be a good time to start planning a get together :slight_smile:

Bump once more, until now two people have checked some dates.
I bit of a small group so maybe this should/could be a online thing?

Sorry forgot to fill in the date planner thingy! Filled it in now.

Cool! I may join during the day, because an evening is hardly worth the ~3h travel time using public transportation from The Hague.

I’m debating whether to take this train or the one 1h earlier, assuming it’s going to be the Saturday the 20th. Either way I’ll be late if it starts at 10. It seems like a good choice, without switchover. Others could join the same train from Leiden, Schiphol, Amsterdam Zuid, Almere, Lelystad, Zwolle, Assen.

I can provide an extra OV-fiets bike at Groningen station for the last mile if someone doesn’t have OV-fiets on their card. It’s faster than taking the bus and easier if we decide to go to a pub (if that’s possible by then). We’d have to be clever and/or lucky with timing though.

Hello Robert,

Nice to read you consider the trip to Groningen!
So the 20th of november is taken shape, it seems that we can have this meeting after all.
A location is already available, more details will be provided.
If more would like to join, there is plenty of room so join us!


I’d love to join as well! I filled the poll.

You were asking for a ping when this materializes. Do you want to be the tour guide?

That was pre-COVID, I’m not available this winter :slight_smile:

Right! I was already kind of puzzled, and now I realize this thread is old.

Yes, you are right. This thread is old…
In light of the current developing Covid situation and the restrictions active as of today I have to cancel this get together.
Once again it seems this initiative is doomed to get off the ground, therefore I will no longer try to arrange it another time. If someone else feels the need to get this started when things turn to “normal” I would gladly help though.
Lastly I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the people of Spindle who where so kind and willing to freely! offer a location upfront for this get together.
Sorry to have bothered you with this…


Too bad, but probably the right call. Hopefully we can revive this idea in the new year, I’d love to meet local Nix enthusiasts!

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We could consider doing an online meetup. E.g., there are regular German meetups as well.

In that way we can hit the ground running when the restrictions are lifted again.

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Too bad it had to be cancelled again, I was really looking forward to it. Thanks for all your efforts in organizing this @JosW !

I also think an online meetup would be a nice alternative for now, until we can schedule a new date for a physical meetup.

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I understand your frustration @JosW.

The timing was unfortunate. I don’t think we can have an IRL meetup during cold seasons for some time to come, but a meetup during summer may well be possible. We’ll see how that develops.

Sorry to have bothered you with this…

No need to be sorry! I liked the idea and I already accepted the possibility of cancellation before deciding to join. I appreciate that you organized it despite the (potential) circumstances.


I don’t know if necrobumping this thread is the best way of doing this, but I recently met @c0deaddict at a GoLang Meetup in Groningen and they mentioned that there had been attempts in the past to organize a Nix meetup here.

Covid restrictions are no longer an issue and we’re going into warmer months so I was wondering if we could maybe try to revive this? Would anyone still be interested?

Other than @c0deaddict I know of a couple of other people in Groningen that would be interested in joining.


sounds like a great idea!

for those who are joining MCH in Zeewolde later this week → Nix gathering at MCH2022

Hosted by Flying Circus.