Nixos jupyter - when did some use it the last time?

  • system: "x86_64-linux"
  • host os: Linux 5.15.64, NixOS, 22.05 (Quokka), 22.05.2992.45b56b5321a
  • multi-user?: yes
  • sandbox: yes
  • version: nix-env (Nix) 2.8.1
  • channels(root): "home-manager-22.05.tar.gz, nixos-22.05"
  • channels(usera): ""
  • nixpkgs: /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/root/channels/nixos
# JupyterLab Error

## JupyterLab application assets not found in "/nix/store/y6kspj028j459r819gikz5migbglsxd1-python3.9-jupyterlab-3.3.4/share/jupyter/lab"

## Please run `jupyter lab build` or use a different app directory


could you elaborate a bit more, like sharing the version of nixpkgs used to install jupyterlab?