NixOS meetup at SF on Dec 12, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am excited so much to have a new meetup event on Dec 12th at Okta with two presentations.

The speakers are Gabriel Gonzalez and Ryan Orendorff.
The talks are about Nix as a cross-language build tool and as a reproducible packaging tool for custom system as described in the following:

Program 1:
Speaker: Gabriel Gonzalez
Title: How to translate a Makefile to Nix
Summary: Several cross-language build tools have emerged recently in response to the rise of polyglot programming environments. Nix is one such tool, along with Bazel, Buck and Pants. However, one cross-language build tool predates all of these by several decades: Make!
This talk targets people familiar with Make but interested in learning more about Nix. Specifically, this talk covers how to translate simple Makefile idioms to their corresponding Nix idioms so that you can use Nix as a Make replacement in your own projects.

Program 2:
Speaker: Ryan Orendorff
Title: Packaging Medical Imaging Software with Nix
Summary: Creating reproducible software installations is a tough challenge. This task is especially challenging in medical imaging software, which often has to communicate with custom hardware, FPGAs, GPUs, and many other physical devices that have unusual or outdated software dependencies. In this talk we will discuss how Nix and NixOS assists in making a reproducible environment for our software, the benefits gained by this method, and some of the challenges encountered along the way.

The company Okta thankfully hosts this event at San Francisco campus. The venue will be open at 6:00 PM with refreshments provided. We will start the seminars at 6:30 PM.

I hope to see you all and share your experience freely as speakers. Especially, newcomers are very welcome and it will be a very good chance for learning about Nix and NixOS directly from other Nix users and developers.

Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving again!



I would love to watch these, I hope you all record the talks :smiley:

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Iā€™m very interested in the second talk and also hope these are recorded and made available.

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are there any plans for more meetups in SF/Bay Area?

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