Nixos newbie having problems with Plasma

I’m one day into a transfer from Arch Linux Xmonad to NixOS (ultimately, with Xmonad) and I’ve encountered a problem. I’ve added another user, beside root, and have it pointing to my old home volume. I can login to both root and user on the command line. However, when I login from the dm, I can do so as root, whereas, as user I’m thrown straight back out to the dm. I’ve checked the logs and it seems that authentication is fine, but as soon as the session start is successful, it immediately stops. I’ve moved all X config files that I can recall, but I wonder if some existing configuration file isn’t causing problems. Maybe it’s a permissions problem.

Hope I’ve given enough information for you to appreciate the problem.

TIA Tony

p.s. clean user works fine. Will copy stuff across and see where the problem lies…

Hi! I noticed your post hasn’t got any replies, and I think it’s because it’s not really clear what you’re asking. Perhaps you could rephrase your question so it’s clear to other people what you’re asking?

Another what?

I think you’ve missed some words here.

Thanks for pointing that out. The word ‘user’ was missing in each instance. I have a working plasma desktop and can log into an Xmonad session, though it’s not quite the glove like fit I’d established on Arch. Package collisions and absence of a universal /bin are my current hurdles.

These are generally harmless. You can use (pkgs.lib.hiPrio instead of (or loPrio) to adjust priorities and let Nix know which packages you want files from in case of collisions.

You can find NixOS installed binaries (environment.systemPackages) in /run/current-system/sw/bin. Is this fine?

If you have any question feel free to post another thread asking, attaching /etc/nixos/configuration.nix.