NixOS on Linode

Hello there. I just spin up an NixOS instance on Linode Cloud and an Syncthing service, but the problem is I can’t ping IPv6 websites.

Here is an screenshot with some info and I can give more if someone try to help me or someone had this issue.


And I also have this configs.

  networking.useDHCP = false;
  networking.usePredictableInterfaceNames = false;

  networking.interfaces.eth0.useDHCP = true;
  networking.enableIPv6 = true;
  networking.interfaces.eth0.ipv6.addresses = [ {
    address = "2a01:7e01::f03c:92ff:fe4b:0a90";
    prefixLength = 64;
  } ];
  networking.defaultGateway6 = {
    address = "fe80::1";
    interface = "eth0";
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You need to disable IPv6 temporary addresses. Linode blocks all IPv6 traffic originating from your instance except for traffic originating from your assigned address. If you have temporary addresses enabled, traffic will originate from them by default.

I used systemd-networkd on my Linode, so how I did it was different, but I think the following should work if you add it to your config.

networking.tempAddresses = "disabled";