Nixos on macbook pro - sound please?

The only thing I really miss of my macbook pro is sound. Everything else I can live with but I’d like sound. I upgraded to latest kernel (5.7) but still no sound. I hope one day for sound.

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What’s your configuration.nix like? Do you have sound.enable = true or hardware.pulseaudio.enable = true in your config?

I think this is out of Nix’s scope. I used to use MBP too and we don’t have a usable sound driver yet. Someone has succeeded to make it speak by recreating packets sent by macos, but it’s far from a driver.

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It’s not entirely out of nix’s scope as I think other linux distros have managed it. I’d settle for headphones working. But right now I have to reboot back into osx if I need any sound which makes me sad. I know if I wait X years then someone will fix it. Just not sure how big X is or if someone’s got it working yet and I just don’t know.

For config I’ve got pulseaudio off and sound = true - am just trying to get some bare bones sound out of this thing.

This is more for the nixos-hardware repo - not that there’s a solution there but if there was, that’s where it should be.

I’m in a similar boat, I have a 4-microphone array from Intel and only in very recent kernels with separate firmware loading do they work, and I haven’t gotten around to setting that up yet.

If you find how other distros make the sound work, perhaps we can help you set it up.

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