NixOS on touchscreen 2-in-1 laptops

Do any of you have any experience on how NixOS works on 2-in-1 touchscreen laptops? Does touch interaction work? Does switching to tablet mode work (e.g., disabling keyboard)? Do active pens with pressure detection work? Any other insight or experience?

I use NixOS on XPS 13 with touchscreen display. Touches work out of the
box without any additional configuration.

I hope this applies to other touchscreen displays as well. Though, I
can’t say anything about disabling keyboard or pressure detection.

Touchscreen always worked on Linux on my 2014-era laptop, an ASUS TP300LA (even though its touchpad initially didn’t!). Some sensors, with some work will even work!

The keyboard disabling bit might be highly device-specific. On mine I never found out how to make it work, if it even works on Linux. (I suspect, but haven’t verified in a while, that is hardware device may be somehow masked in ACPI when not booting Windows 8.)

When I initially tried to set the laptop to be usable in tablet mode, I simply added a shortcut to the panel to toggle the keyboard. Inelegant, but it worked.

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