NixOS on Vultr with cloud-init?

I just noticed that Vultr switched to cloud-init this year. I’m wondering if anybody did anything with it yet?

I’m presuming that now the root password could be set from Vultr, that kind of thing.

Does the minimal iso include cloud-init support? So that booting from ISO and accessing over SSH Just Works? Or is that only in the AWS images?

I don’t think the minimal iso include cloud-init. Actually, even the AWS and OpenStack images don’t use cloud-init (closure size mainly): during the boot, they use curl to get back the cloud-init metadata and configure hostname and ssh keys. So, these images support a small subset of cloud-init (but a lot a people consider other cloud-init feature doesn’t fit with the declarative nixos configuration).

In your image, you could however easily activate the cloud-init service.

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Found it here, indeed they just run the cloud-init.

Probably this file can just be used on Vultr.