Nixos on x1 carbon

Is anyone using nixos on a lenovo x1 carbon (6th gen) ? Are there any issues ? Also can it be used with the WQHD screen or best to stick to FHD ?

I am considering that laptop or a T480 (the more conservative solution).


It seems @Moredread is also using the x1 G6 with NixOS as the extra config required is stored in the NixOS Hardware Repository is committed by a user with the same account name :slight_smile:

For QHD settings there is some extra config in the repo aswell: nixos-hardware/default.nix at 1e2c130d38d72860660474c36207b099c519cb6a · NixOS/nixos-hardware · GitHub

I’m using a Dell XPS 13 9370, I only updated a few paths for the x1. :confused:

Ha! This happens when i do not double-check the sources. According to git blame, user @azazel75 did most of the work.

Hi @hoopla12, the X1 works well, mine is the QHD version which as usual for HiDPI screens has some hiccups with X11: it’s in my todo to integrate something like what’s shown here: HiDPI on dual 4K monitors with Linux .

The other most important compatibility issue was the missing S3 suspend state, but it’s fixable as described in the comments.

Other than that, I’m really enjoying it, the LCD panel is very good and the general feeling is the same of my previous X1, very good.

I did evaluate the T480 too, it had for me the appeal of the 24GB of RAM, but now I got addicted to the extra portability of the X1: it’s unbeatable but the construction is very sturdy.

On the downside i do miss the full SD card reader slot that was on my older X1: this has just a MicroSD reader.


Working great here on my end. I have some X1C6 related configs published here, see if you find anything that’s useful to you: nixfiles/default.nix at 5bb02108de6fb75aa8d7c216536d82146813e954 · FruitieX/nixfiles · GitHub

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Recently I move my configuration.nix from nixos 18 on x1 carbon gen2 and installed nixos 19 on x1 carbon gen6.

So far everything is working perfectly. I only tuned up thing related with font size in XWindows and console:

fonts.fontconfig.dpi = 135;
i18n.consoleFont = “ter-i32b”;
i18n.consolePackages = with pkgs; [ terminus_font ];
boot.earlyVconsoleSetup = true;

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Yes, this is mostly all in the nixos-hardware profile already :wink: