NixOS Plasma 64bit in VirtualBox

Booting NixOS Plasma 64bit in VirtualBox. The host system is Linux Mint Cinnamon. Detailed system information here..

The live CD (ISO) seems to boot up fine in Virtual Box. I get the desktop. However the mouse pointer does not appear on the NixOS desktop. VB mouse integration is enabled. If I move the mouse around within the NixOS window, different desktop elements will “light up” as if the mouse pointer is hovering over that element. Also, I can “click” on items with the mouse, and they respond. The mouse and keyboard are a wired USB variety. Keyboard seems to be working normally. I can start terminal and type in it.

Can you help me get the mouse pointer to appear in VirtualBox?

I think I found the problem. I turned off 3D acceleration in VirtualBox.

Machine->Settings->Display->3D Acceleration (uncheck)

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