Nixpkgs error cannot do upgrade? vscode/generic.nix called without required argument 'updateScript'

When updating my nix-env, I get the following error.

$ sudo nix-env -u
error: anonymous function at /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/root/channels/nixos/pkgs/applications/editors/vscode/generic.nix:1:1 called without required argument 'updateScript'

       at /nix/store/5mzlq3vkskqk77pd1k0lrhw5mcc5mpz0-nixos-21.11.336340.2ebb6c1e5ae/nixos/lib/customisation.nix:69:16:

           68|     let
           69|       result = f origArgs;
             |                ^

I have update the channel and using the latest stable nixos

Is this the same for anybody? Is it a bug?

I can’t reproduce this as is, can you re-run this with --show-trace and post the result of running sudo nix-env -q?

btw, are you managing a root profile intentionally?

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Ah, tracing the command let me to an overlay that I forgot to deactivate (vscode-with-extensions).
Thanks, sternenseemann!