Nixpkgs.hydra and nixpkgs.nix-prefetch-scripts conflict

When I try to install opne of the packages above, it works well. If though I try then to install the other of the pair I see conflicts like the followoing:

building '/nix/store/bd9bw3lvc60hb09mccn4bnb267zc7y53-home-manager-path.drv'...
collision between `/nix/store/fq27hz0qn3vcn2h4xbixqh5m6mqx7iyx-hydra-2019-11-13/bin/.nix-prefetch-bzr-wrapped' and `/nix/store/wimlpy78jlrhsdibbcw6xiyfqdczjmgk-nix-prefetch-scripts/bin/.nix-prefetch-bzr-wrapped'
builder for '/nix/store/bd9bw3lvc60hb09mccn4bnb267zc7y53-home-manager-path.drv' failed with exit code 25
cannot build derivation '/nix/store/h2m2228xibgrsr91cp9gnk67zv084z5x-home-manager-generation.drv': 1 dependencies couldn't be built
error: build of '/nix/store/h2m2228xibgrsr91cp9gnk67zv084z5x-home-manager-generation.drv' failed

(Please ignore the home-manager part of it, the conflict happens when managed through nix-env as well)

Also, the documented way of installing hydra from another channel seems to not work anymore, so the hydra manual needs an update, where can I report these 2 issues?

Is the nixpkgs-repository the proper place or the hydra repository or somewhere else?