Nixpkgs-update/r-ryantm logs

@ryantm got any more of those logs?
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@jonringer Ask and yee shall receive:

20190803 log

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2019-08-06T10:39:57 vim 8.1.1432 -> 8.1.1794
2019-08-06T10:40:02 FAIL nix-env -q failed to find package name with old version

Vim version in nixpkgs is 8.1.1547 currently so I guess that’s there might be some internal state that’s out of sync. That version also has a bug with the quickfix window, which I’ve hit a few times in the last while. So I’m motivated to help fix the issue.

Does it disrupt this automatic process if I were to submit a vim update PR? Similar to how the version is currently out of sync? If so I can wait for a fix here as I’ve got the latest release running locally for myself, but I imagine others might like the fix too.


Right now, the bot will only update a package if the version in nixpkgs master exactly matches the “old” version. It gets the “old” version from the current nixpkgs unstable channel. I’d like to relax this constraint in the future.

If a manual PR disrupts the automatic process, that’s a bug with the automatic process. Please make your PR!

20190817 log

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Thanks for working on this. Looking forward to a resolution on this

@ryantm it’s the time again, feed me some logs :slight_smile:


Thanks for the prod.
2019-09-26 logs

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2019-10-20 logs

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thanks :slight_smile: unfortunately I’m already at capacity with all the python changes recently, hopefully someone else can look at the updates :slight_smile:

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2019-11-1 logs

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2019-11-25 logs

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@ryantm you got some logs for me :slight_smile:

I use them to see if there’s any stuck python updates :slight_smile:

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2019-12-08 logs

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Merry Christmas!
2019-12-23 logs

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2019-01-14 log

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Just want to say thank you for continually doing this :slight_smile:


:robot: :scroll:
r-ryantm logs are now automatically available here:

The next step is to make the file name stay a consistent length!

Thanks to whoever has been looking at these and fixing auto updates!

Ryan Mulligan


I kind of miss going through those and trying to fix builds. Now I feel guilty if I’m not reviewing PRs as there’s a huge backlog of them now

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Apparently it cannot update zulip because FAIL nix eval failed for "pkgs.zulip.src.urls"nix eval failed for "pkgs.zulip.urls". That’s probably because zulip uses appimageTools.wrapType2 instead of stdenv.mkDerivation.

Why does nixpkgs update need to eval pkgs.zulip.src.urls? I thought it just basically sed-replaces the old version with the new one.