Node2nix 1.6.0 released


Yesterday, I released node2nix 1.6.0 and today I updated all node packages in the Nixpkgs master and 18.03 branches.

Some interesting new features:

  • Preliminary support for Node.js 10.x and NPM 6.x – it should be on par with feature-wise with older versions, but it has not been extensively tested in practice.
  • The minimum default version is now Node.js 6.x, since 4.x has reached EOL
  • Solved a very nasty bug in the dependency resolution algorithm that in some cases does not detect a conflict
  • node2nix will now display warnings for some common errors (e.g. when a package-lock.json file is provided, but not used in the generation process)
  • all Nix functions are now better overridable and extendable – you can now overridable all function arguments properly and you can also add hooks to the phases that the builder executes
  • Added an option that filters out all optional dependencies, that can be helpful to fix certain kinds of build errors
  • Added troubleshooting section to the covering common problems and their resolutions