Nomachine server

Hi all,

A while back I switched to NixOs as my daily driver at home and at work and I really like it so far. However because of the work at home situation I missed the use of NoMachine as that is my preferred remote desktop solution. Last week I had some time to dive in extending the nomachine-client implementation to also add the server side. It took a bit of effort but I now have it working on my laptop and work PC.

Since I’m fairly new to nix I would like to ask if I can get some feedback about what I did to see if it can be improved upon. I extended the program entry to install the server packages and patch the files but since there are a lot of system dependencies it will only work with a service implementation. The program implementation you can find here and the service implementation you can find here.

There are at least some things I know of that should probably be added, like opening the ports in the firewall. Also it should be tested on more systems as the package is fairly complex with a lot of hardcoded paths, so there is quite a chance I missed some stuff.

I hope to hear if there are things that could be done better, that are possible wrong or something else. If things are unclear or seem overly complex please ask as I had to do some hacky stuff to get it working.



Thanks, I’ve been wanting a nomachine server for some time.

IMO it would be easier to give feedback if you opened a draft PR in nixpkgs.


Good to hear it can be of use! I can do that, I though as it is mostly in the state of “it works on my machine” I would hold off on creating a pull request. But a draft would make sense. I will update here when I created it.

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Pull request here: nomachine-client: Added nomachine server and rename to nomacine by rytec-nl · Pull Request #153072 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub