NVidia Optimus status?


Thinking to migrate to NIXOS (from Ubuntu), I’d like to know what is current status for using NVidia Optimus graphic system with NIXOS ? I have done some searches in forum but nothing very recent !
My goal is to be able to use the NVidia GPU (I don’t care about Intel one) with Nvidia drivers as they are still the most performant unhappy :frowning:



Hi Vincèn,

As far as I can tell, support for Optimus (aka Prime in the Linux world) is good. There are configuration options in NixOS which you will probably need to set, but beyond that it should work just as well as on Ubuntu.

That sounds like precisely what I do. I have an i7-2600, a GTX 550 Ti with Prime in sync mode (which you might not need depending on what card your ports are on), 2 screens, and non-free drivers and it has worked for me so far.

Hope it helps,

lol not really working easily and well on ubuntu :confused:

Exactly what I want to do, I’m on dual screen too and with NVidia GTX765M TI so pretty similar with your configuration; ) Thanks for link, will give it a try in weekend I think with a temporary install on a fresh HD (excepted if I find out if it can be tested with a live USB key…) :wink: