Nvim-treesitter checkhealth `cc executable not found`

I’m using vimPlugins.nvim-treesitter.withAllGrammars.

In the health check, I get an error that the cc executable is not found.

Is it necessary or do I already have all grammars compiled via withAllGrammars?

Followed instruction from

Try something along nix shell nixpkgs#gcc --command nvim -c TSUpdate all or nix-shell -p gcc --command nvim -c TSUpdate all

That seems mutative…

You should be fine as long as you don’t try to imperatively install grammars

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Yes, it will mutate files in your home directory. But so will neovim anyway (otherwise it wouldn’t ask for a C/C++ compiler), if that eases your mind.

However, I am also not too happy with my suggested workaround. Would be nicer to specify GCC as a dependency somehow…

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