Old nix -> channels = new nix ->?

Hi guys, now that I use flakes for my system config I have a question. I checked the nix sourcecode and looked it up on search engines but couldn’t find the answear.

Where does the new flake-based nix cache the package derivations?

In the old system there was a channel which contained all derivations to look up and realize. Now I still see that the derivations are downloaded and cached because subsequent calls are a lot quicker until I update the lock file but where to? I couldn’t find them in the NIX_PATH or in the sqlite caches under ~/.cache/nix.

The evaluation cache is in ~/.cache/nix/eval-cache-v4 (or whatever version might be current).

Downloaded inputs are directly put into the store and remain there until they get deleted by a GC.

Ah now I get it. The tarball is placed in the store and the location is defined in ~/.cache/nix/fetcher-cache-vX.sqlite. Is that right?