Open Board panel – Dec 7, 2022

Notes from the public panel held by the board on 2022-12-06T23:00:00Z

Questions/remarks from non board-members attendees:


  • Hard to find how to contact the board
  • Would like to request funding for a code to documentation on Nix
  • Organizing a community for mob programming
    • live stream it on a regular schedule
    • Would like to be funded (paid) for that
  • Board:
    • We are currently working on releasing a model to request funding that is below 1k euro
    • Main goal is to support facilitating events, meetups and hacks
    • Not intended to fund payment for work
    • Advise to have this written down, so the board might be able to join or other community members could help
    • Potentially create an avenue to “bless” projects that are happening in the community and have a high impact on it


  • The board should hire someone to support the admin/ops/note/project management of various efforts

Nikolai Massine

  • It’s good to have a chat with like-minded individuals

Update from the board side

  • Working on an event form
    • Goal: Make it easy way to apply for small funding (“pizza-level” or small events)
  • Board transition
    • Armijn and Rob will probably leave the board soon
  • Trademark
    • Armijn looked into it
    • Affordable (~8k€)
    • Not sure what we can/want to trademark (Nix? NixOS? NixOS+logo?)
      • Different implications depending on the exact choice
      • We’re having issues recognizing what’s official and not in the community, but using the Logo in ways that are non-harmful shouldn’t become a problem
        • Example: NixOS Wiki. Explicitly non-official, but also looks like it because of the logo.
      • Basis of the usage policy: Don’t make it look like it’s an official project if it isn’t

Clarification: it is not for the organizing of a mob programming community that I was looking for funding. It was for the development of a documentation generator.

Since then, with the help of @fricklerhandwerk and Matthias Meschede, I’ve found ways to serve the Nix community that regard more urgent matters.

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