OpenGL compositors glitchy

I installed NixOS on an old-as-the-hills system.

MB: M2N68
CPU: AMD Althlon64 X2 4400+
GPU: NVidia GeForce 7025/nForce 630 Rev. A2 (via “lspci”)
NIxOS: 19.09

I enabled plasma in the config, and I get these random triangular glitches all over the screen flashing around at random times. If I set the compositor to XRender, the problem goes away; but on this old system, it runs way too slow. If I set it to not “Start Compositor On Startup” and reboot, the problem goes away; but then there’s no window compositing.

I really dig NixOS, and am sick to death of Dependency Hell, so much so that I stayed away from Linux for several years. This, Gobo Linux or something similar really needs to be the way of the future. The support for GoBo Linux and packages are reportedly rather poor, at this point. I’m sick of M$ at this point. They broke XP by not allowing the download of root certificates!!! Intentionally! I guess Win7 will be any time.

I get a sense that Wayland may be a solution, but also that it isn’t ready in release. I don’t care a fig about a tiling window manager (for the time being, anyway), but I don’t know if I’m expected to go it without a compositor, or if there’s a solution that works now. Should I wait for Wayland to hit the stable channel? I added “nvidia” to my drivers, and even identified the display adapter in my config.

This is a computer I’m building for charity, and it has only a 160 GB HD. The recipient doesn’t care about anything but the Web and email. I intend to use NixOS for a server as well. I’m an early adopter, where I consider Linux usable. Having an interest in digital audio, I tend to get a lot of progs wanting different versions of libs. Getting this solved isn’t a deal breaker for these first two computers, but M$ OSs can do what display compositing they do with no problems.

Are there any solutions that might work now, or should I just wait for Wayland to hit Stable?