OpenGL Support for XWayland

I am experiencing some problems with OpenGL on Sway. One of the primary problems appears to be the GLX extension is missing (for X11 windows).

Launching Steam fails to launch with “Assertion Failed: Fatal Error: OpenGL GLX extension not supported by display”.

I get the same error with an SDL application of mine, unless I set XDG_SESSION_TYPE to wayland, in which case I get some other hopefully unrelated error.

I have hardware.opengl.enable set to true (which appears to be the standard solution to OpenGL problems with Wayland, but I can find no preexisting advice for OpenGL with XWayland). I also have programs.sway.enable.

Two things I still need to try are an unstable channel of nixpkgs, and enabling xorg (which I am having other troubles with currently–notably tty switching not functioning…).

Any inference or experience on what the problem might be here? Thanks,